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Another man's treasure

Bloomsburg, PA (May 2015) - AGAPE volunteer Mark Rusanowsky is a wired, 21st Century techie who works with technological garbage. You know, those outdated computers and servers, printers, keyboards, mice, DVD players, cameras, and phones that we retire to various kitchen drawers and yard sales. And because he sees the value inside each of those now useless items, he wants you to give all that stuff to him. Standing in an area filled with over two dozen plastic bins and cardboard containers, Mark describes a process that starts with a staging area where donations are first evaluated for usefulness.
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924 Volunteer Hours Later

In August of 2011, Tabitha Swafford was looking for an agency where she could do community service volunteer hours through the Treatment Core Program of Columbia/Montour Counties. A friend suggested she contact AGAPE. She did and began volunteering right before the Hurricane Lee Flood. She fulfilled 924 hours of community service over eighteen months.
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